Samstag, 30. Januar 2010

Drama, baby!

Friday's outfit of the day!
I went to a theater play of a friend of mine and I felt like putting red lipstick on!

Wearing only black and white helped bringing my foxy red lips into focus!  

Dress, Cardigan & Leggings - Evans
Shoes - Schoene Mode
Scarf - H&M Mens Accessories

Freitag, 15. Januar 2010

new reading material...

"Hungry" - the autobiography of Crystal Renn.

I ordered the book in its original language about 2 weeks ago and finally it arrived.

Can't wait to start reading, but I first have to finish books for my drama study which starts in february.

I really wanna know how she established herself in this industry and finally sticked to her own ideas of living standards.
Because the docents of my acting school want me to lose weight, otherwise I "would squash my acting partner", but I want to stick to my living standards, too. I love myself.
This book might be helpful to come to a compromise... but we'll see.

Have you bought this book? Do you want to buy it? If not, why not?

tell me what you think!

lots of love to my foxy ladies...

lodi dodi