Donnerstag, 17. Dezember 2009

Allow me to introduce myself...

It's Lodi Dodi, fresh from the capital of Germany: Berlin!

By starting this blog about my plussize lifestyle and fashion, i had 3 admirable women, 2 songs and 1 goal in mind!

The amazing singer Beth Ditto!

The Queen! Hella foxy and fierce!

And Miss Platnum! This girl is dynamite!

And it is one of her songs that I had in mind... "Give me the food" by Miss Platnum and the second song is "Big Girl (You Are Beautiful)" by Mika! Go check'em out if you haven't yet!

and last but noch least my goal...

I wanna give plussize chicks tips how to love the life, rock the right fashion and feel foxy as hell!

Your new fat and foxy blogger... Lodi!


  1. Happy New Year !!!

    2010 Fireworks show

  2. OMG. Queen Latifah is the foxiest bitch around.